Important Updates

2015 LIFT-A-THON Results!


VARSITY WINNERS                                                            

0-160      Connor Sagendorf                                              

161-170  Martin Mijares                                                      

171-180 Tyler Olivares                                                      

181-190 Josh Davila                                                          

191-200 Justin Rios                                                         

Heavyweights - Dru Mathis                                        


JV WINNERS                            
0-140      Jacob Martinez
141-150   Kevin Linkletter

151-170   Matthew Mayer
Heavyweights - Jose Morones



 Congrats to the following players

who joined the 1000 Pound Club!

Adam Reveles
Justin Rios
Dru Mathis
Andrew Conchas 
David Orozco
AJ Duffner
Oscar Olmos